Sponsorship Acquisition

Brand Ambassadors assists organisations to acquire commercial partnerships; provides sponsorship consulting, evaluation and reporting; provides business to business facilitation services based on an extensive network and a comprehensive understanding of the market.
Brand Ambassadors provides a comprehensive management solution to rights holders to dramatically increase the chances of acquisition of sponsorship investment.

To achieve this goal, we:

  • – assist in the development of the necessary tools to be ‘sponsorship ready’
  • – develop a program and campaign to achieve the agreed objectives
  • – position your rights as attractive in the market and
  • – negotiate commercial partnerships with leading companies and brands.


Lead Generation

To maintain a full understanding of the market and trends, Brand Ambassadors invest considerably in memberships and subscriptions, attend events and conferences and maintain a consistent online presence. Further, Brand Ambassadors research thoroughly to identify opportunities and connect property rights holders with sponsors. It is the professional selling skills and corporate training acquired over many years that is our competitive advantage and why lead generation delivers highly qualified decision makers to the rights holder enabling them to see it through to acquisition.

Commercial Strategy

Brand Ambassadors focuses on consulting around the income streams which make up the bulk of most rights holders revenue, that of corporate sales, sponsorship and community partnerships.

  • – optimizing the commercial structure of sponsorship contracts
  • – contract negotiation and execution
  • – sponsorship inventory audits
  • – sponsorship proposal generation
  • – sponsorship strategy
  • – sponsorship servicing, evaluation and measurement
  • – corporate packages and signage sales and
  • – how to position a sponsorship property to an investor as a medium complimentary or more effective than other mediums such as radio, print, TV or billboards.



Through staying abreast of the market Brand Ambassadors can conduct specific benchmarking studies for rights holders to identify gaps and new sponsorship inventory. This service provides a robust and reliable basis for targeting efforts.

Community Partnerships

A burgeoning area of commercial opportunity for rights holders is positioning their tangible and intangible assets to align with the corporate and social responsibility objectives of investors. Brand Ambassadors can advise on how to monitise this space as well as how to use them to build brand equity or insulate from negative circumstances such as poor performance.