Have a Sponsorship Asset Inventory

Look beyond the usual push marketing assets (logo inclusions, eDM’s and so on) and think about what you have that a sponsor couldn’t get anywhere else. Know what your sponsors goals are so you can offer assets that will help them accomplish those goals.

Know Your Sponsorship Value

Don’t just guess! There’s a market value for your sponsorship assets, not to mention your brand itself and your customers. Work out what that value is and be able to demonstrate it to your sponsors so you can negotiate bigger and better opportunities.

Know Your Audience 

You need to know exactly who your audience is in order to get the interest of a sponsor – who are they, where do they live, what are their interests? Having this information will set you apart from any competitors and show sponsors how you can help reach their business objectives. 

Know What Your Audience Wants

Seems obvious, but just ask them! Find out what they want to see or hear or have access to so you not only build a connection with them but also build value-add activations for them. This will allow sponsors to also connect with them in a meaningful way.

Measure and Report on Performance

Sponsors need to justify their investments and offset the cost of any activation they undertake, so it’s important to have analytics in place to help measure success. If you can measure conversions for your sponsors, the more likely you will be to get them across the line, and work with them in an ongoing capacity.



  • What have you got to sell?
  • Sponsor Research
  • Sponsorship Objectives



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