• Brand Ambassadors has provided valuable insight and expertise to Mater Foundation in exploring a more comprehensive approach to sponsorship opportunities. Terry brings experience from his successful engagements with high profile, national beverage and sporting organisations and has provided transferable learnings and guidance. I have been impressed by Terry’s understanding of the non-profit sector and the specific challenges of operating in this environment. I have also found Terry to be very proactive and enthusiastic and while at the same time offering constructive challenges to our work and opportunities.

    Nigel Harris, Chief Executive Office, Mater Foundation

    22 July 2019 |

  • Brand Ambassadors identified a number of business/commercial opportunities at a strategic level for Surf Life Saving Queensland.

    John Brennan OAM, CEO Surf Life Saving QLD

    8 June 2017 | Government

  • Brand Ambassadors Director Terry Johnston is a very knowledgeable and professional sponsorship consultant. Having first contracted Terry to assist with sponsorship management of the inaugural Great Barrier Reef Masters Games in Cairns in 2013, I am pleased to be again utilising the skills and contacts of Terry to secure sponsors for the 2014 Pan Pacific Masters Games on the Gold Coast this November. Terry’s professional experience and industry contacts places his company Brand Ambassadors in a strong position within the sponsorship industry.

    Cameron Hart, CEO Events Management QLD

    6 June 2017 |

  • Netball Queensland secured Brand Ambassadors to work on a specific sport commercialisation project however very quickly we could see see how Terry’s expertise could benefit the organisation more broadly. He is helping us clarify and build out our commercial and sponsorship strategies. He is thorough, has extensive networks and is a trusted source of advice. I am happy to recommend Terry to any organisations out there seeking to ensure they have a robust strategy that will best leverage their commercial potential.

    Catherine Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Netball Queensland

    22 July 2019 |

  • Terry from Brand Ambassadors has worked with HART Sport for a couple of years. I have really valued his industry knowledge and his ability to communicate, innovate and get things done. It amazes me how much work he can get through in a day! Terry has been an integral part in helping HART Sport grow. I have no hesitation in recommending Brand Ambassadors for all things sponsorship.

    Greg Harten, Founder and Owner, HART Sport

    22 July 2019 |

  • Brand Ambassadors, Thanks for the terrific work you did with Shooting Australia.We are in a complex and competitive environment, but your learnings and recommendations will give us an edge. Commercialising is never easy, but you have helped make it more attainable and achievable. Thank you.

    Damien Marangon, Chief Executive Officer, Shooting Australia

    22 July 2019 |

  • I was fortunate enough to work closely with Terry from Brand Ambassadors when we engaged him to secure sponsorship for our organisation. Terry demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of the market, the methodology around constructing partnerships that were mutually beneficial for both parties. He also demonstrated an appreciation of the bigger picture, specifically relevant in the Not for Profit space, where the outcomes are not always about the commercial return. He was extremely well organised and prepared for every interaction we had and i would recommend his services to any organisation large or small, who are seeking to establish or enhance their commercial partnerships.

    Richard McInnes, General Manager High Performance & Sports Entertainment at Netball Qld

    22 July 2019 |

  • Brand Ambassadors has a great track record and experience in the PNG market, when it comes to sales and marketing campaigns, sponsorship strategy or how to position a brand in market, they deliver positive outcomes.

    Phil Franklin, President Australia PNG Association

    11 June 2017 | Customer

  • Terry from Brand Ambassadors is an outstanding person with high integrity and sharp insight. I have known him for many years and he always delivers. An excellent thinker. I always enjoy doing business with him.

    Craig Garvin, CEO, Parmalat

    7 June 2017 |

  • Terry from Brand Ambassadors has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of sporting sponsorship and his connections around Australia and the Pacific have opened up many opportunities for HART Sport. He is able to clearly identify and define areas of potential value for all stakeholders and is highly skilled in articulating these values.

    Dan Benham, General Manager, HART Sport

    22 July 2019 |

  • Brand Ambassadors provided specialised professional services assisting PCYC Queensland with several mutually beneficial objectives including development of an organisational Capability Statement and a number of service agreements. Terry also leveraged his sporting and media connections introducing former WBO Welterweight champion Jeff Horn as a Youth Ambassador for PCYC Queensland.

    Phil Schultz, Transformational Non-Profit / Charity Executive | Change Management & Turnaround Specialist | Collaborative Board Member

    22 July 2019 |

  • Terry from Brand Ambassadors has great knowledge and skills, especially in the area of branding and sponsorship management. He was able to bring this expertise and his strong sense of commitment to the Board. He significantly raised the professionalism of our approach to sponsorship management!

    Glenys Schuntner, CEO, RDA Townsville and North West Qld Committee & IQ-RAP Secretariat

    22 July 2019 |

  • Terry from Brand Ambassadors was a valuable contributor during his time as a Townsville Fire Board Director.  He headed up our sponsorship committee and was instrumental in assisting us with sponsorship strategy, securing benchmarking data and in developing a raft of quality collateral that has helped cement our position as a professional entity, that is a value proposition in the competitive professional sports marketplace. Terry has excellent skills in the sports sponsorship field and is a great collaborator and team player.

    Jayne Arlett, Non-Executive Director

    5 June 2017 |

  • Having been a Corporate Sponsorships Manager for over ten years I have heard many, many pitches. Some are memorable for all the wrong reasons but Terry from Brand Ambassador’s approach stands out for all the right reasons. He initially came to us just to question and listen. In that way he built up a great understanding of our company’s priorities and needs before determining what, if any, would be the most suitable proposal to put to us.

    Lenny Vance, Advanced Sponsorship Marketing

    22 July 2019 |



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